Hi, my name is Laurence!

I am a pharmacist with a passion for art and architecture. I love to visit museums and check new art exhibitions. I grew up surrounded by contemporary art. For me, art is very eye-opening, it inspires and at the same time relaxes me. In everything I write on wdistrict.be, you’ll notice a strong focus on art, architecture and design.  I love to integrate this in my blogposts about traveling and write ‘artsy’ travel guides. I started this blog at the end of 2014 and in 2015 I got nominated for the Weekend Knack Blog Awards.

De Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field van Yayoi Kusama


When I travel, I love to seek for extraordinary places and try to avoid the tourists as much as possible. I share artsy hotspots from home and abroad on my blog and social media. Curious about the places I’ve visited? Have look at the ‘TRAVEL’ menu or search for #w_travels on Instagram.


In my free time I love to support young upcoming artists and designers. That’s why I organise offline exhibitions on a regular base in my hometown Ghent. You can read more about the expo’s in the ‘OFFLINE’ section or just check out #wdistrictoffline on social media.

Some of my previous collaborations: VOLA, Velux, Morres Wonen, Hartman, Flamant, …

Love to hear from you → hello@wdistrict.be!